Differentiation in Post-16

This week’s focus is differentiation at Key Stage 5. Despite this being a school-wide focus, there is often a tendency to disregard KS5 in any teaching and learning strategy – perhaps because we see our Year 12s and Year 13s as pre-college students who have attained a certain level of sophistication and are therefore no longer in need of differentiation. Perhaps also we see differentiation still as being the remit of the weaker students, whereas at Post-16 there is an urgent need to push for the highest grades so that our students have a chance to go into higher education.

Whatever our reasoning, it is clear from our Ofsted report that we need to identify how our students at P16 can make progress. This is an extract from an Ofsted report on Outstanding P16 teaching. In our CT intensives this week it might be an idea to take each bullet point and apply them to our own teaching at P16. What are we doing or not doing to secure progress for each student at in our KS5 classes? Could we identify anything here that might be useful for our class profiles? The yellow stickers (if we are using them at P16 and I do think that a version of the sticker – especially with a section for student response) will be a good start in addressing the students’ need to forensically address their own strengths and weaknesses.

Post-16 differentiation


Also see these links below, or email them to your team for discussion at a following meeting. The differentiation deviser is a good way to use Kagan structures and higher order thinking skills.

Differentiated activities in learning


Differentiation process and outcomes




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