David questions and answers

Q: Can we introduce some of the methods from HTH as part of the new Key Stage 3 Curriculum?
A: This looks possible. The new curriculum at KS3 will benefit from a form of PBL.

Q: What do you think are the aspects of our own approaches to learning that we should keep?
A: Much of the enquiry method of learning of some of our practice are already strong, but would be improved by some of the methods we have seen.

Q: What are the key features of project-based learning which might be valuable?
A: Several significant factors which chime with our own discussions are:
– fewer teachers in Years 7 and 8
– larger blocks of time than traditional one hour slots
– greater concentration on the process of learning that at present, eg process, content, product

Q: How would a change towards PBL affect assessment?
A: There would be a more even balance of the three elements (process, content, product) in the assessment methods

Q: What changes are there to the role of the teacher?
A: Many changes, including:
– teacher as facilitator
– students much more active in the learning than in many lessons now
– Greater use of masterclasses (possibly recorded online)
– Teacher teaches fewer students overall
– reduction in marking

Q: What are the implications for whole-school organisation?
A: 7 and 8 to be in one area of the school, and staff to work with either only Year 7 or only Year 8

Q: Will staff involve need professional development?
A: We will have a member of HTH working with for one day a week after Christmas. This will make a significant difference to our abilities to take the important lessons and implement them successfully.

Q: Will it impact on the pilot in Year 7?
A: Yes, the pilot would find some of the ideas really useful, and would be relatively easy to implement

Q: Is there a cost to implementing the ideas?
A: The cost is mainly around professional learning.


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