HTH – study visit 2

This week Mireia, Claire, Pat,  Fran and I will be looking to deepen our understanding of PBL during our second study visit to HTH. It’s fascinating for me to step back and appreciate how far we have come as a school in our understanding and delivery of PBL, and how it might work within our Junior, Senior and Post-16 Academies. By the end of the year I’m hoping that all teaching and support staff will have had some training with Chris so that everyone can share and participate in our discussions and discoveries over the course of the next year and beyond.

Now that we are officially one of only 8 school partners in the pilot phase of the first randomised control trial of Learning through REAL Projects in the UK, we can look forward, as a school, to another year of coaching and support from both the Innovation Unit and High Tech High. This is fantastic – we have been recognised as having the determination to bravely go (etc –  I won’t try to be cheesey), to innovate, and to improve the experiences of all SBL students.

Our questions this week will focus on planning exhibitions, assessment, staff Professional Learning and interventions for progress. You can see what we’ll be focussing on each day HERE. If you have any questions that you want us to ask for you, you could post them on the blog in the comments below.

Updates will be each evening with some longer posts after Friday’s planning/debrief time.



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